Find your Polling Station for BMC Elections 2017

Find your Polling Station for BMC Elections 2017

BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) elections conducting on today by the State Election Commission Ward and voter list is available at official site or check on

How to find Polling Station for BMC Elections:

  • Open click on election department tab left side of the page.
  • click on Prabhag-wise polling booth list for MCGM G-Election 2017 tab.
  • Administrative ward will be displayed search for the your voting booth using with your voter ID card number.

Find through APP:
You can find out with the state commission's official mobile app 'True Voter'.There are options to check booth numbers using either your name or voter ID numbers.This app is GPS enabled(it directs the voter to polling booth). 

You can find through directly this link

Find your Name on voter list:
  • open official site of Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra
  • click on Electoral Search Engine left side of the page.
  • search your name.
  • open click on Election Department tab.
  • click on voter list of 2017.
  • Select your electoral ward number and search for your voter ID number.
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